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Novo-Tech has been a key player in the internet marketing industry since 2006.
Our success and continuing development is based on the way we relate to our clients - your success is our success. Search Engine Optimisation is a wide-ranging and very dynamic field. Only a company able to understand and adapt to the constantly changing SEO environment will be able to survive, as we have. While survival in this field requires a vast range of knowledge and a detailed understanding of the ever-changing techniques required for effective SEO, success is very simply measured by one thing: our clients' websites ranking at the top of search engine results.

We live and die by your internet ranking. We know that we can take your website to the top spot - our clients' consistently high rankings are proof of our capabilities.


Adam Lee

Our company was struggling with our web presence and falling behind our main rivals until we consulted Novo-Tech. After our first meeting, it was clear that there was a lot more to succeeding on the internet than we had realised. They took care of everything and turned our website into an essential link between our business and our customers.

Lora Adams

2 Working with Novo-Tech is like having our very own IT and internet department. They take care of every aspect of our web presence, they explain what they are doing so that we are with them every step of the way and have even come up with some great ideas that have boosted our business. Without them, we would still be in the internet Dark Ages.

Edna Barton

4 Having everything under one roof at Novo-Tech is a huge advantage. I set up my own website and thought that I'd done a pretty great job. Things weren't happening as quickly as I wanted them to, so I went to Novo-Tech. My basic set-up was solid, but they showed me aspects of design and structure that I never knew impacted my SEO. With their in-house facilities, they were able to re-jig my site and take to it heights I had only dreamed of.

Patrick Pool

When our company was first formed, we approached Novo-Tech for guidance on setting up an internet presence, with specific emphasis on dominating the e-commerce aspect of our area. They have been amazing, from the basic design and user experience of our website through to the day-to-day maintenance, they have handled everything and have kept us right at the top of the rankings from very early on.